Noah's Ark Pamphlet

$3.99 $3.59 ISBN9781596360204

Incredible artist rendition of Noah's Ark


The glossy bestselling Noah's Ark pamphlet captures one of the best-known stories of the Old Testament. In 12 full-color panels, the pamphlet presents background information on Noah, the righteous man who God chose to build the ark, the actual biblical description and dimensions of the floating zoo, and the ark's world-changing purpose. A perennial bestseller, Noah's Ark provides teachers with all the information needed to present the key lessons from the ark and flood.

This great Bible resource is packed with information about the massive vessel known as Noah’s Ark. The pamphlet contains colorful illustrations showing the surprising shape and size of the ark. Unlike some illustrations, this one is drawn to Bible measurements, and offers an inside view that shows how the animals might have been housed in this three-deck floating "zoo."

Noah's Ark pamphlet includes:

  • A map of the ark's resting place
  • Scripture-based time-lines
  • Actual dimensions of the ark and its rooms
  • Facts about Noah and the Ark from the Genesis account
  • Approximate numbers of animals and birds on the ark
  • A table and map showing how the nations sprang from Noah's sons, Shem, Ham, Japheth
Size: 8.5"x 5.5" unfolds to 33" long. Fits inside most Bible covers.
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