Abraham Through Joseph Flash-a-cards

$34.00 ISBN97888

Beautiful, realistic visualizations of the Bible stories


The Abeka Flash-a-Card series is one of the best picture resources available for Bible classes. The pictures are realistic and vivid. A manual that identifies each picture is included.

Abraham through Joseph set includes 36 pictures for these stories:
  • God Calls Abram
  • Isaac and Ishmael
  • A Bride for Isaac
  • Twins - but Different
  • Jacob's Ladder
  • Jacob Comes Back
  • Joseph's Dreams
  • Joseph, the Slave
  • Joseph in Pharaoh's Palace
  • Joseph's Brothers Visit Egypt
Cards 12" wide x 15.5" tall

Recommendation: The manual that come with the cards contain denominational doctrine. If cards will be available for congregational use, use the books to write on the back of each picture a caption identifying the picture. Then discard the books so no one has to sort through the error.
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