Evangelism Simplified

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A Christian's Guidebook


This workbook has been added to and revised with new and redesigned charts, chapters, and information to help you and your congregation improve your evangelism. There are many informative and encouraging articles, as well as charts to help you in Bible studies as you work through the Believe the Bible and Back to the Bible studies.


Personal Evangelism Seminar


A Restoration of Personal Evangelism

From the Bible to the Baptistry

The Devil Doesn't Want You to Obey the Gospel

Jesus: Politically Incorrect Evangelist

Introducing Believe the Bible

How to Get into a Bible Study

Evangelism: The Eternal Purpose of the Church

A Plan to Save Souls

How I Want to be Treated as a Visitor

Why a Door-Knocking Campaign?

Taking the Gospel into a Foreign Country


What Is Eternity?

Map of Revelation

Which One Do We Follow? (Old or New Testament)

Two-headed Church

Double-bodies Church

Doctrine of Inherited Sin

Instrumental Music

Mark 16:16

When Am I Saved? Acts 22:16

Examples of Conversion

Acts 2:38

Those in Christ

The Gospel Illustrated

The Ten Commandments

A Religious Experience

Drawing the LIne & Examining the Differences

Once Saved Always Saved

Bible and the Baptist Manual

Water Baptism and Holy Spirit Baptism

Error about Baptism

What about My Family


Creating Contacts

Contact List

Finding Prospects

Contact Records

Campaign Prospects Cards

Back to the Bible Survey

Congregational Plan

A Congregational Plan to Evangelize America

Purpose of the Church Chart

Lead Me to Some Soul Today

More Materials


126 pages

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