Jehovah God

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Study Books for Teens and New Converts


Twelve lessons plus a review lesson. ACTIVITIES for the students are available on each lesson.
Almighty God, Creator of the World
Jehovah God, Lover of Mankind
Jehovah God - Omnipotent/All-Powerful
Jehovah God - Omnipresent/Everywhere Present
Jehovah God - Omniscient - All-Knowing
Jehovah God is Good, Just, Holy
Jehovah God - Full of Grace and Mercy
Jehovah God - A Giver of Indescribable Blessings to Man
Jehovah God - A God of Wrath Against Evil Rebellion
Jehovah God - Inspired Writers Speak of God
Jehovah God - Providentially has Given Us His Will - The Bible
Jehovah God - Wants All to be Saved/In Heaven Eternaly