The Bible Teaches Vol. 1

$15.00 $12.00 AuthorEris S. Benson

Popular articles and outlines


Eris. B. Benson is well-known in the Southeast United States as a preacher and teacher of the Truth. Hundreds of students sat at his feet as he taught Bible classes at the Alabama School of Religion. Thousands of copies of his written materials were copied through the years, and now Basic Bible Truths has published them in book form.

The Bible Teaches Volume 1 contains 95 articles previosly printed in a local newspaper. It includes 8 sermon outlines each using Benson's "five steps of the motivated sequence": (1) Attention, (2) Need, (3) Satisfaction, (4) Visualization, and (5) Action. More than 110 illustrations help to convey the truth about what The Bible Teaches.

205 pages 

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