WCC Prefilled Communion Cups 200 Count

$99.95 ISBNSGJ200R

A sanitary way to remember His death


Please note the manufacturer has posted a 10 business day delay due to large increase in orders and difficulty getting their supplies. Order early!!!!!


WCC Prefilled Communion Cups provide a fresh and sanitary way for Christians to partake of the Lord's Supper each week. Prefilled means no one will touch the bread you will partake and the juice will be safe from sneezes or spills. While the "old way" has worked well for years, prefilled cups offer an important measure of health safety in the COVID-19 situation. Uncover the easy-opening end with the bread, then flip the cup over to remove the easy-opening cover for the juice. 

These cups do not require refrigeration for up to 90 days. However, with refrigeration, you can store them for up to five months or freeze them for up to one year!

The World Communion Cup Advantage

  • Hermetically sealed
  • Exclusive Easy-to-open Silent Seal lids for silent opening 
  • Easy opening for seniors
  • Full 1/2" square bread
  • Fresh and good tasting
  • Concord grape juice

200 prefilled cups 

If you are in the Central Alabama area, stop by to pick up your communion cups. We'd love to serve you in person and you'll save on shipping! 

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