Let Us Pray!

$5.00 $4.50 AuthorLeslie G. Thomas

Expanded outlines on prayer


As the name implies, brother Thomas has taken this all-important subject and written about the various aspects of prayer.  Published in an expanded outline form, the author delves into a variety of areas, such as: Is Prayer Reasonable; Effective Praying; Against Hypocrisy in Prayer; and, Thy Will Be Done.  In the chapter entitled Praying the Wrong Way, brother Thomas stresses, "Prayer is not an exercise whereby one informs God what he wants.  It is a discipline whereby one seeks to discover what God wants, and to conform himself to God's plan for him.  With this spirit guiding him, he does not want to ask for anything that would not be pleasing to God, or which would not be for his own best interest, as God sees it."

104 pgs.

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