At the Feet of the Master Teacher

$11.97 $10.77 AuthorDaniel H. King

Learn to teach like Jesus


his book examines Jesus as a teacher in comparison with his contemporaries. King's presentation of the teaching styles of Jesus' contemporaries demonstrates his mastery of that period of history and enlightens us in understanding how Jesus' methods worked.

Table of Contents:

  1. Jesus as an Educator
  2. Teaching and Learning in the Ancient Near East
  3. Teaching and Learning in Ancient Greece
  4. Teaching and Learning Among the Romans
  5. Teaching and Learning Among the Jews
  6. Can We Know What and How Jesus Taught?
  7. A Teacher Sent from God
  8. The Aims of Jesus as a Teacher
  9. The Principles Behind the Teaching
  10. The Form of Jesus' Teaching
  11. The Training of the Twelve
  12. The Dependence and Independence of Jesus
  13. Principal Themes in Jesus' Teaching
  14. The Humor of Jesus
  15. Jesus' Success as a Teacher
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