My Prayer Notes

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Remember names to pray for!

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My Prayer Notes will help you set aside time every week to organize your prayer lists and track your requests and answers.The notebook includes a One-Year Bible Reading Schedule and a Topical Index to the Bible.


The notebook is covered with a serene image printed on flexible and translucent PVC and bound with a 1/2 inch coil. Each page is sectioned into 4 sections: Prayer Requests, Personal Prayers, God's Answers to my Prayers and Praising God. Each page has space for the date and a Scripture verse is incuded for meditation.


  • Size: 8.4" (L) x 5.4" (W) x 0.7" (H) (213mm x 137mm x 18mm)
  • 52 Week Notebook
  • Durable PVC cover
  • Gold foiled title and accents
  • One color insides
  • 112 lined pages
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