Alive in the Spirit

$13.99 AuthorJimmy Jividen

Meeting God's Spirit


Most of us wish we understood more about the Holy Spirit but think it is beyond our ability. It is a subject we all wish we could understand, but probably don't. The questions seem numerous and the answers few:

How does the Holy Spirit work in the world today? 
What does the "indwelling of the Holy Spirit" really mean to me? 
the Holy Spirit work only through the Word of God, or does He have other ways to function? 
Do I really have to feel the Holy Spirit before I can know that He lives in me? 
How can I get the Holy Spirit?
You won't come away with only questions when you study the passages and insights Jividen shares in this excellent, Bible-based exploration of the Holy Spirit. You will come away with a new understanding of the personal Helper and Comforter that Jesus sent to care for you. The Holy Spirit is alive and at work through the Word of God in the life of the church, and in the personal lives of Christians. He's not some magical distant being; He's a spiritual personality who lives within you, walks with you, guides you, comforts you, and helps you mature in Christ.
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