Give Account of Your Stewardship

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Adult class book on stewardship


13 lesson workbook on the giving of your Time, Talent, and Treasure. Each lesson has a different author and each author is a member of the Church of Christ.

Lesson Titles and Authors:

  1. What Is Stewardship? - Steve Reeves
  2. Stewardship of the Gospel - Chris Reeves
  3. Stewards of Time - Edward T. Rangel
  4. Stewards of the Tongue - Donnie V. Rader
  5. Do I Consider My Job a Stewardship? - Brian Price
  6. Stewards of Civil Government - Steven F. Deaton
  7. Stewards of Ability and Opportunity - Steve Niemeier
  8. Stewards of Money and Material Things - Steve Monts
  9. Stewardship of the Family - Dick Blackford
  10. Stewards of the Church: The Universal Relationship - Jarrod Jacobs
  11. Stewards of the Church: The Local Relationship - Edward O. Bragwell, Sr.
  12. Stewards of the Body - David Dann
  13. Stewards of the Soul - Ron Halbrook
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