When I Study the Psalms: Enhancing My Prayer-Enriching My Worship

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23rd West Virginia School Of Preaching Victory Lectureship


From the foreword:
The Psalms are of the Bible can be considered synonymous with the praise and worship of God. One reason for this is that the overwhelming majority of them are prayers of God-centered people from the past. Much like reading good authors will make one a better writer, reading the good prayers of faithful people in the past will make one better at approaching God's throne through the act of worship. Many of the Psalms were also set to music. Theses prayers were sung, as Christian still do today. We sing praise to God to reasch out to him. Sutdying Psalms is a way to enrich and enhance all we do in worship.

This is the second of a five-year plan to cover the entire book of Psalms in-depth. The subtheme is "Enhancing My Prayer - Enriching My Worship." The book covers 1 Samuel 2:1-10 as well as the following chapters of Psalms: 28, 5, 29, 20, 66, 83, 25, 104, 86, 113, 84, 115, 88, 42, 48, 4, 47, 51, 135, 130, 36, 106, 65, 105, 21, 141, 54, 70, 123, 122, and 148. 

402 pgs.