Finding Him

$9.95 AuthorRebekah Colley

Discovering and Applying the Character of God


Have you found God? What do you know of His character? His personality? His attributes? Do you know Him personally?

Trying to accomplish what God wants you to do—without knowing Him and having a relationship with Him—is like using your phone or computer without charging it. It’s similar to starting on a trip without properly charging your phone, only to realize that when you most need it, it’s just a blank screen. You might as well have no phone at all! Electronics depend on electricity.

We depend on God. Our personal knowledge of and relationship with God is our power. Living the Christian life without charging ourselves is impossible. We can’t live the Christian life without being connected to the One who authored it, because the Author Himself is our essential power source. Unfortunately, we often forget to plug ourselves in, but still expect to be able to function properly. We start off on our Christian journey, without a charged battery, and forget that we can’t function without "knowing and applying the character of God.”

Finding Him sparks a desire in girls to go deeper than external actions, and to find God. For personal, group or classroom use, it provides scripture, reflection, practical goals, assignments and discussion, facilitating a foundational knowledge of God. Finding Him presents four ways in which God relates to us, and three of His characteristics which are evident in each relationship. Girls who have, and girls who have not obeyed the gospel are provided with valuable learning opportunities, encouraging them to plug themselves into the source of spiritual life, wherever they may find themselves on their journey.

If we want our destination to be a home in heaven, we must start by finding our Creator. Without our Creator, we’re only a blank screen. "For in Him we live and move and exist” (Acts 17:28).

Twelve chapters with questions

82 pgs.
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