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Heading Home with God


From the author: This isn't a commentary, but maybe there's a place for a book like this that takes the good work of others and makes some of it available for the rest of us who have neither the time or skill or patience to drill down deep for ourselves. 
If it works at all you should come away from this volume with something of an improved sense of what the book of Exodus is about and a deeper realization that every generation of humans is on the same journey and is in need of rescue, challenge and guidance toward this planetary "land of promise."

I accept that there's too much in this work about "what should our response be?" rather than "What is it that God has done and means to do with the Exodus record of his mighty works?" We certainly need to think about our response in light of what God has done and meant to do in doing it but I'm certain that first and foremost it's the business of believers (Jews or Gentiles) to "learn the Story" and find out who and whose they are. If we do that then by God's grace we'll discover our identity in the new world we've become part of in the Lord Jesus. If we gain this we will know better how to live out our destiny and mission. Maybe Romans 12:2 speaks of that.

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