Fire in My Heart

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AuthorMike Willis

Truth Lectureship 2003

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Lectures from the 2003 Guardian of Truth staff writer's meeting dealing with current issues among the churches of Christ.

Lecture topics and speakers:

Fire In My Heart: Saga of a Spirit Stirred, Larry Hafley
Changing Attitudes, by C.W. Adams
Unity of the Spirit or Unity In Diversity?, by Tom Roberts
The Creation Issue and the Authority of the Scriptures, by Daniel H. King, Sr.
Age of the Earth Issues in Restoration History, by Steve Wolfgang
The Chronology of the Bible, by Mike Willis
The Bible Doctrine of Hell, by Mike Willis
The Church Growth Movement, by Andy Alexander
The Influence of F. LaGard Smith Among Non-Institutional Brethren, by Johnny Stringer
Fight the Good Fight of Faith, by Harry Osborne
Gospel Preaching, Gospel Preachers, Gospel Papers: The Heritage of the Guardian of Truth, by Ron Halbrook.



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