Identity in Crisis: Daniel's Vision for the Future

$20.00 $18.00 AuthorDouglas Y. Burleson

81st Freed-Hardeman University Lectureship 2017



From the Introduction

The 2017 theme "Identity in Crisis: Daniel's Vision for the Future," matches both our striving for an exploration of the text and an application to ministry, from the beginning of the program to the very end. Daniel tells the story of how God's people would be preserved despite the challenges that they faced both from within and without. Readers of Daniel are challenged to consider the power of the Most High God who is far greater than any earthly ruler. The message of Daniel is as needed now as ever before. There is so much division and hurt in the world and among God's people that it is at times easy to forget that we are not the first to suffer. Since Genesis 3 the spiritual, social, psychological, and ecological effects of sin have been evident among creation. This reality was observable in the exile of Daniel's time and in the spiritual exile which many now find themselves living in. It is my prayer that the articles you find in this volume will stimulate meaningful Bible study and will serve as a springboard for relevant ministry in the ever-changing public square. If Christians cannot know their identity in the midst of crisis, who can? Christians today should not forget Daniel's vision for the future, even in the midst of a cultural identity crisis.

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