A History of Reformatory Movements

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Church history unfolded


From the preface:
In delineating the development of the great apostasy from the original apostolic order of things, in describing the successive Protestant reformations, in setting forth the restoration and identification of the Church of Christ, as accomplished through the labors of Alexander Campbell and his coadjutors, and in giving a brief history of the nineteen Ecumenical Church Councils, we have followed the order of events as closely as it was possible to be done. We have aimed to give places, dates, and authorities, and corroborating testimony from disinterested parties. In a word if there is any reliability in history, it will be found in the following pages. We have aimed to present a systematic compendium of Reformatory Movements....

On the title page: A History of Reformatory Movements Resulting in a Restoration of the Apostolic Church to which is appended a History of the Nineteen general church councils also a History of all Innovations from the third century down.

515 pgs.

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