Babylon is Fallen

$29.32 AuthorDrew Leonard

A Commentary on the Book of Revelation


Has it ever struck you as "odd” that Christ promised that He was coming quickly just to see that the "second coming” has not yet occurred? Have you ever considered what the "second death” is and why that term is reserved to the book of Revelation alone? Do you know what the "first resurrection” is of Revelation 20:4-6? Have you been using Revelation 2:10 without knowing what the "ten days” are? Do you think that Revelation was penned before A.D. 70, around A.D. 96 or do you hold another date for the writing of the book? Can we trust God when he says that something is "at hand?” Who are the "earth-dwellers” in the book of Revelation, and who are the "heaven-dwellers” in the book? What is the "mark of the beast?” And who is the "sea beast” and who is the "land beast?” These questions – and many others! – are answered in detail in this book.

640 pgs.