God's Help with Life's Struggles

SeriesSouthwest Lectureship

Southwest Lectureship 2015

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Are you struggling with the difficulties of life? Do you know someone who is overwhelmed with the stresses and the strains that present themselves to us every day, but do not know how to help them? Our loving God wants to help us when we struggle with our daily challenges, because He knows that when physical and spiritual losses collide, they tend to amplify one another (cf. Job 2:9). Filled with encouraging, practical lessons, God’s Help with Life’s Struggles is a guide for those seeking divine aid for that which afflicts us. Within these lessons, one will find encouragement and practical wisdom regarding such problems as:

Relationship issues

and many more

God’s Help with Life’s Struggles contains two quarters of material for use in a standard Bible class curriculum. With clear, concise lessons and thought-provoking questions, this material is suitable for congregational Bible classes, personal or family Bible study and devotions.
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