Declaration and Address of the Christian Association of Washington County PA

$7.00 AuthorThomas Campbell

Of the Christian Association of PA in 1809


Historian William Warren Sweet has called the Declaration and Address one of the most important religious documents in America. He and others compared it to the country's Declaration of Independence.

As Thomas Jefferson challenged the American colonies to casl off the old world political tyrannies,Thomas Campbell challenged the people of America to throw off their old world religious creeds.

Noted restoration historian Earl West says that the Declaration and Ad­dress has a "deserving place among the classics of restoration literature." Au­thor and preacher J. M. Powell called it the "Magna Carta" of the Restoration Movement. L.L. Brigance, a long-time teacher of the Restoration Movement at Freed-Hardeman University, said that the book was "the most important religious document since Inspiration or the days of the Apostles."

89 pages

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