Barnabas: The Disciple Who Was Nicknamed Encouragement

$16.00 $14.40 AuthorWade Webster

21st Power Lectureship 2013


We all need encouragement. We need someone in our lives who challenges us to be more righteous, to be faithful no matter what. We need someone to push us when we stop walking the right way and to help us stay focused on the narrow path. We need someone to stand with us when others question or threaten. Christians in the first century needed such a someone, too--and they had him in the person of Joses. This man was such an encouraging soul that the apostles named him Barnabas, son of encouragement.

Barnabas: The Disciple Who Was Nicknamed Encouragement is the subject of the 2013 POWER Lectureship book. Following a general introduction to the man, lessons cover several areas in which we need to be encouraged to remain faithful: daily prayer, family devotionals, daily Bible study, church discipline, using our time wisely, etc. Several lessons focus on encouraging specific groups of Christians: women, singles, couples, deacons, teachers, the grieving, and more. Thirty-six chapters that will encourage us—and show us how to be a Barnabas to others!

566 pages