Early Christians Speak

AuthorEverett Ferguson

Faith and Life in the First Three Centuries

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These studies in early church history cover various aspects of the church life of early Christians. They focus on the second century.What did the second century Christian leaders say about faith, baptism, infant baptism, worship services, the Lord's Supper, prayer, singing, church organization, mercy and the role of women? New Testament texts bearing on the topic are listed at the beginning of each chapter. We are talking about the same community of people, the same church, as existed in the New Testament. Such writings have an important bearing on the interpretation of the Scriptures. (3rd edition)

Volume 2 is the sequel. What did the second century Christian leaders say about The Early Christian Doctrine of Scripture, The Canon of the New Testament, The Muratorian Canon, Spiritual Gifts, Demons and Exorcism, Angels, Freedom of Religion, Great Women of the Ancient Church, plus many other chapters.