Immortality - All of Us Will Be Somewhere Forever

$10.95 $9.86 AuthorThomas B. Warren

Where Will You Spend Eternity?


Have you ever wondered about these two questions: "Will my physical death be the absolute end of me? Or, is it the case that I will live on (after my physical death) as a unique center of human consciousness?"
Obviously, if it can be proved that there will be persistence of human personality after physical death (or after the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, the Son of God) for every human being, then you will live on after your own physical death.

It can be proved that the Bible is the inspired word of the one true living God. What the Bible teaches must be true. Does the Bible teach that each and every person will live on forever— either in a place of unending joy (because of the grace of God, through Jesus Christ, and the faithful obedience of the individual person to God) or in a place of unending punishment (because of the rejection of the love and grace of God)?

This present book affirms and proves that the Bible does teach that there will never be an end to any human. It affirms that every human being will live on as a unique center of conscious human personality forever—"time" without end. In short, all of us human beings will be somewhere forever!

Do you dare not give your deepest and most sincere attention to the questions which are raised above?

269 pg.

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