Drunks Say the Dumbest Things

$6.95 $6.26 SeriesLibrary of Laughter
AuthorThomas Holland

Fictional Account Of A Real Problem


According to Newsweek (1/30/95), there are some eleven million alcoholics in the United States. Millions more would be classified as problem drinkers. Alcoholism is a euphemism for slavery, a slavery that controls the lives and fortunes of professors, preachers, doctors, lawyers, factory workers, farmers, entertainers, housewives, teenagers, and even young children.

Once enslaved to alcohol, freedom may seem an illusion, or at best an elusive dream. This book will enable you to see through the eyes of a struggling slave wanting to be free.

Donald, the drunk of Dofunny, hoped he could be a free person. Perhaps as you live through his quest, you will desire that freedom that became the guiding star of Donald’s struggles.

Seeing lives shattered by alcohol, Dr. Thomas H. Holland has counseled many people with drinking problems. He has helped people know freedom from this slavery.

142 pg.
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