Lasting Truth About Last Things

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AuthorThomas Holland

Outlines on Eschatology


Rapture, Signs Of The Lord’s Coming, Premillenialism, The Judgment, The White Throne Judgment, Hell, Heaven, Doom Of The Devil, You Can Go To Heaven and You Can Know That You Are Going … and twenty-seven more Bible-based, scripture-filled, logically-outlined sermons. 

The doctrine of last things, or eschatology as some identify it, is important for a number of reasons: for instance, the confidence factor. If people really believe that the Bible plainly teaches, as sects assert, that the Lord came in 1917, or 1988, or that the second coming is imminent, and the coming has not occurred, is the Bible trustworthy? The Bible can be trusted. The speculations of men are baseless assertions.

122 pg. 

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