God's "Supremes"

$9.99 SeriesLife Changing Textual Studies
AuthorWendell Winkler

Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Philemon


 Part 1:  Ephesians; the Supremacy of the Church
 1The Church in "Concep"
 2The Church in "Composition"
 3The Church in "Conduct"
 4The Church in "Conflict"
 Part 2:  Philippians; the Supremacy of the Christian Life
 5The "Savior-centered" Life
 6The "Self-emptying" Life
 7The "Sound" Life
 8The "Serene" Life
 Part 3:  Colossians; the Supremacy of the Christ
 9Christ:  the Preeminent One
10Christ:  the Answer to False Teaching
11Christ:  the Life-changer
12Christ:  the Life-changer; Some Whose Lives He Changed
 Part 4:  Philemon; the Supremacy of the Individual
13Philemon, a New Testament Christian Worth Knowing