Church Growth-Man's Ways or God's Way?

$18.95 $17.06 SeriesMSOP Lectureship
AuthorCurtis Cates

34th MSOP Lectureship 2000


Peruse the religious aisle at any major bookstore and you’ll find a multitude of books on how to make a church grow. Founders and leaders of mega-churches have written manual after manual on their plans and ideas for how to make more people come in the door. Sadly, many in the Lord’s church today have fallen prey to man’s ideas, ignoring the design and plan of the Architect.

Church Growth: Man’s Way or God’s Way addresses many of man’s ways and explains why those methods are not Scriptural. Learn why we should not incorporate the methods of mega-churches, dramas and skits, bands and more. Study Scriptural ways to help the church grow: properly handled VBS and Bible class programs, gospel meetings, true worship, etc. Discover the role each member should play in church growth. These fifty-nine chapters (eight by/for women) of Scriptural teaching can help any congregation "get it right” in God’s eyes.

920 pages
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