Divine Relationships

$10.00 $9.00 AuthorWinford Claiborne

155 five-minute sermons on First Peter


Peter’s first epistle has much to say about divine relationships—those aspects of man’s lives that God ordained and regulates. He wrote about our relationships with God, with the world, and with our spouse. He instructed elders in their role as leaders and members in their role as followers. In Divine Relationships, Winford Claiborne opens this rich book for his readers. Instead of a technical commentary or scholarly treatise, this book is a collection of lessons he prepared for his daily 5-min radio program. These lessons clearly communicate the contents of First Peter in a compelling, concise way. He worked diligently to keep the focus on the passage under consideration and not to add unnecessary material. Short, simple lessons help the reader stay focused on one aspect of the epistle at a time. 328 pgs