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New Testament 5


Never in one volume has there been so much refutation of the wild speculations so prevalent in modern commentaries and literature relative to the Acts of the Apostles. Good, sound, solid reasoning is behind the conclusions drawn, which are in harmony with conservative religious thought. The author does not hesitate to take issue with the most renowned Bible students, and gives his reasons for doing so. It is one of the most carefully researched commentaries on the market, and deals with a period in church history in which research is an important element. Facts are double checked and set forth in usable fashion. Many of them the student will not find elsewhere in print. Seed-thoughts and sermon starters abound. They are found on most every page. Fresh, original insights and ideas are numerous. Information is brought together in such a way as to be useful in class teaching, private study or in public speaking. Especially noticeable is the emphasis placed upon God's providence and omnipotence, the atoning work of Jesus Christ, and the meaning and mission of the Holy Spirit. The modern phenomenon of glossolalia is effectively dealt with. The establishment, growth, purpose and plan of the New Testament church are central to the book, and problems the early church faced are effectively dealt with as they arise. 

531 pg.
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