1 & 2 Corinthians

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New Testament 7

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The first-century church had all kinds of problems. Especially is this true of the Corinthian church. Through the centuries the same problems Corinth faced have plagued the continuing church. The Holy Spirit's instructions for meeting the problems in Corinth are still valid for meeting problems today. People have not changed. Their attitudes and their inner drives are the same. Thus, dealing with the problems then and dealing with the problems now is the same task. One set of instructions can fit equally well. This down-to-earth commentary on the New Testament church at Corinth, and the Holy Spirit's dealing with it, is one of the most relevant volumes of our times. The author has done an excellent job of relating God's will to our times. The student will see countless situations today that respond to the formula offered in the Corinthian letter. The problems of ordinary people are dealt with in a superb way. The heart of the book is its effort to explain that love, as it is discussed in the Bible, calls for strong self-discipline and self-control. 

509 pg.
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