Instrumental Music in the Public Worship

$10.00 $9.00 AuthorJohn L. Girardeau

Should We Use Instruments When We Worship god?


"Church of Christ? You’re the ones who don’t believe in music!” Members of the churches of Christ often hear this as a first reaction when others discover what we are religiously. We do believe in music; however, we believe that music is worship should be limited only to what God authorizes in Scripture. But members of the churches of Christ are not the only ones who believe that. Instrumental Music in the Public Worship was written by a Presbyterian seminarian. His students asked him why he did not believe in the instrument of music in public worship. This book is the answer to that question. Dr. Girardeau taught the truth on the use of instrumental music in worship. However, He held many denominational dogmas that cannot be supported Scripturally. Winford Claiborne respectfully and thoroughly exposes and defeats many of those erroneous positions in an introduction. 200 pages 
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