What is Man?

$32.95 $29.66 SeriesMSOP Lectureship
AuthorBobby Liddell

39th MSOP Lectureship 2005


Mankind has developed a myriad of "answers” to the question What is man? Are we the result of evolution? Are we just members of the animal kingdom? Are we gods with the ability to do whatever we desire? Should we "eat, drink, and be merry” for this existence is all we have? What is Man? is the theme of the 39th Memphis School of Preaching Lectureship. This two volume set answers many questions regarding man and his nature, origin, destination, and morals. Sixty chapters (eight by/for women) discuss topics like how God communicates with man, the work God gives man to do, the differences in men and women, and more.

Book One:

  • What is Man-According to God?
  • What is Man-According to Men?
  • The Components of Man
  • The Relationships of Man

Book Two:

  • (continues) The Relationships of Man
  • The Responsibilities of Man
  • The Salvation of Man
  • Women’s Classes 

1314 pages

Sold as 2-volume set only