Silence Can Be Sinful - Volume 1

$10.00 $9.00 AuthorWinford Claiborne

Things We Often Don’t Want to Talk About


Some matters are hard to talk about. Discussing moral matters like homosexuality, eugenics, and abortion is unpleasant. Nor would we often choose to speak up about religious matters like the absolute necessity for baptism or against false teachers like Joel Osteen or Billy Graham to denominational friends. But does God give us that choice? Are there times when remaining silent can be sinful? Winford Claiborne says "Yes!” In his three volumes of Silence Can Be Sinful, he discusses many of the moral and religious questions that we tend to shy away from discussing. His lessons are clear, yet kind and help the reader understand both the topic and how to discuss it with others. 

This Volume Features: 


  • Silence Can Be Sinful
  • Presbyterian Church and Homosexuality
  • Whitewashing Sin
  • Your Hands are Full of Blood
  • Religion and Abortion
  • The Babies’ Pond
  • Choose Life
  • Is America on the Right Track?
  • Hate Groups’ Danger to America
  • Stupidity of Gambling
  • Civil Disobedience
  • Circumstances Alter Cases
  • Making a Mockery of Justice
  • Death with Dignity
  • Pleasures of Sin
  • Hatred
  • How Important is Character?
  • Margaret Sanger: Modern Jezebel
  • Psychic Detectives
  • Legalization of Prostitution
  • Everybody is Growing Stupid
  • Partial Birth Abortions
and more!

350 pg.