Catching a Few Rays

$9.95 $8.96 AuthorMichael Justus

Sitting with Solomon Under the Sun - a study of Ecclesiastes


"The beach always beckons those who need to think. The sound of the surf breaking on the sand drowns out other distractions, and except for the shifting of shadows, time stands still. It isn’t a stretch for me to imagine Solomon sitting in a weathered chair at the water’s edge casting his questions into the waves and waiting for answers to roll in with the tide. As the waves deposit broken shells and bits of seaweed at his feet, he moves them around with his toes, looking or something of value.”

This book is an attempt to become better acquainted with a man who discovered the possibilities for a meaningful life by catching a few rays of insight under the sun. Chapters are arranged for personal study, questions included for small group discussion.

195 pgs

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