Campbell/Jennings Debate

$12.00 AuthorObadiah Jennings

Faith: Evidence or Miracle?


Is faith belief in the evidence or is it a miracle which God works in one's heart? This 1830 debate focuses on the fundamentally dif­ferent understandings of the nature of faith held by Presbyterians and restorers of New Testament Christianity. When Thomas Campbell separated from the Presbyterian Church in 1809, the first charge against him was that he denied the "emotional" or miracu­lous nature of faith.

When Alexander Campbell, the son of Thomas Campbell, made a preaching tour to Nashville, Tennessee in December 1830, the preacher of the First Presbyterian Church in Nashville, Obadiah Jennings, challenged him to debate the nature of faith and some related items. A discussion ensued at the end of one of Campbell's speeches and at an all-day discussion on Christmas day a few days later. 

This book, published after Jennings' death, is Jennings' ac­count of the encounter. Campbell's account is in The Millennial Harbinger, 1831:109-121 (included at the end of this book); 1832: 95, 239, 455, 505, 534.

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