How Can We Understand the Bible Alike?

$16.00 $14.40 AuthorB.J. Clarke

14th Power Lectureship 2006


With so many diverse ideas floating around the religious world, we may wonder if any two or more can ever agree on what the Bible says. Is there any way we can understand the Bible alike?

Following a chapter that answers the question with a resounding "Yes!” the book brings the reader through several chapters that address the "how.” Hermeneutical principles are studied, from the importance of context to authority. The second part of the book asks and answers a variety of questions such as the proper day for worship, what kind of music is acceptable to God, and more. The next section focuses on crucial questions, including the book of Revelation and ending with What Difference Does it Make? The last section contains four lectures written by and for women. 

764 pg.

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