God The Father

$20.95 $18.86 SeriesMSOP Lectureship
AuthorBobby Liddell

37th MSOP Lectureship 2003


When Pharaoh was presented with God’s demand to let His people go, Pharaoh asked "Who is the Lord, that I should obey His voice?” Pharaoh learned just who God is—the Almighty, all powerful, Creator and Ruler of the Universe.

So many today need someone to teach them who God is. This book brings the only valid answer to that question—the Bible answer. Sections of the book are:


  • God the Father Manifested in His Eternal Greatness, Matchless Glory, and Marvelous Power
  • God the Father Manifested in His Love And Fidelity Toward Man
  • God the Father Has Spoken—Man’s Response
  • Answering False doctrines And Correcting Erroneous Concept About God the Father
  • Women’s Classes

914 pages

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