Being Born of God

$10.50 $9.45 AuthorChad Sychtysz

The Role and Significance of Baptism in Becoming a Christian


In order to become a Christian – the greatest decision you can ever make! – you must be born of God. This spiritual re-birth provides for the forgiveness of your sins, promise of an otherworldly inheritance, and fellowship with God Himself. The New Testament teaches that your baptism in water is necessary for your spiritual rebirth. Sadly, many religious people reject this conclusion. Others reduce baptism to an after-the-fact ritual instead of the event that marks the beginning of one’s new life in Christ. Still others think that to "ask Jesus into your heart” is sufficient for the being born of God, even though that instruction is completely foreign to the Bible.

God is the One who spells out the terms and conditions of salvation – not your, not me, and not our churches. Being Born of God is thus based solidly upon sound biblical teaching rather than catering to popular or long-standing beliefs about baptism. It expounds upon the subject of water baptism in ways that you might not have ever before considered. If you wish to have fellowship with God, then you must know about baptism and its function in obtaining this fellowship. Even if you have already put on Christ in baptism, this book will broaden and deepen your understanding of this most valuable subject.

284 pages


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