Lord Teach Us To Pray

$8.99 AuthorAncil Jenkins

A powerful, thought-provoking look at Jesus’ teaching on prayer


Prayer can move mountains, restore the fallen, cheer the hopeless, heal the sick. But fulfilling, acceptable prayer—prayer that changes lives—is not instinctive. It must be learned. This is what the disciples recognized when they approached Jesus  and humbly asked, "Lord, teach us to pray.” In this exciting new study, Ancil Jenkins turns to the words and examples of Jesus for answers to vital questions: What does it mean to address God as "our Father”? How can we truly pray—and work—for His will to be done? How can we be sure God hears and answers our prayers? What hinders the power of prayer in our lives? What is the role of fasting? As Christians, prayer is necessary to our existence. We need to learn all we can about its purpose in our lives. Lord, Teach Us to Prayreminds us that there is One who can and will lead us to all answers. Thirteen chapters with short discussion questions. 91 pages
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