$16.95 $15.26 AuthorD. R. Dungan

A Classic Textbook on Bible Interpretation


What is the difference in literal and figurative language? Does it matter if I understand how to interpret the Bible? Metonomy? Synecdoche? What are those?

Hermeneutics answers those questions and many more. Hermeneutics is the science of Bible interpretation. H. R. Dungan’s text on this subject has been used in countless college classrooms and schools of preaching.

 Ten chapters: 

  •          Introduction
  •          Things Which Help Us To Understand the Word of God
  •          The Things That Hinder
  •          Concerning Methods
  •          The Several Covenants
  •          The Value and Use of Harmony and Biography in the Interpretation of the Scriptures
  •          Rules for the Interpretation of Words and Sentences
  •          Figurative Language
  •          The Various Figures of the Bible
  •          Figures of Thought
  •          Prophecy

 Concludes with Scripture Index


408 pages