Archaeology and the Bible

$13.99 AuthorBill Humble

Experience the Bible as living history


You are about to embark upon a unique adventure—an exciting journey into ancient cultures where you will experience the Bible as living history. Through the painstaking work of archaeologists, ancient cities and entire civilizations are emerging from centuries long past. They are bringing to life people and events recorded in the Old and New Testaments, Many discoveries attest to the incredible accuracy of Biblical writers who penned accounts of these events. Led by Dr. Bill Humble, you’ll explore many famous sites that played significant roles in Biblical history—Ur before the time of Abraham, Jericho, Samaria, Jerusalem in Jesus’ day, and Greece during the ministry of Paul. As you learn to view events through the cultures in which ancient people lived, names on a Bible page leap to life as real people and places. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the Bible as the living history of God’s relationship with His people. 145 pages
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