Ezekiel and Lamentations

$18.95 $17.06 SeriesMSOP Lectureship
AuthorCurtis Cates

31st MSOP Lectureship 1997

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Ezekiel preached to the Jews in Jerusalem between the 2nd and 3rd captivities. After his captivity, he preached to the Jews by the river Chebar in Babylon. God called him to be a watchman on the wall and his lessons are as current to today's readers as they were to his hearers.

Lamentations was written by Jeremiah, the weeping prophet. It is a stark picture of God's broken heart as seen through the tears of Jeremiah.

These books teach the modern reader lessons on apostasy and disobedience, immorality, materialism, and more. Each chapter is based on one passage from the text and eight chapters were written by/for women.

921 pages