A Glimpse Into God's Heart

$8.99 AuthorKirk Brothers

Learning Forgiveness From the Father


A 13 chapter study on learning forgiveness from God and using it to live a confident Christian life. If you died right now, would you go to heaven? God wants His children to have a spirit of confidence, not doubt. Yet so many Christians fail to experience the peace that comes from being confident of their salvation. A Glimpse Into God's Heart helps us chase these lingering doubts from our lives. By turning to Scripture for a deeper understanding of God's forgiveness, we learn why we need forgiveness, what God has done to make forgiveness possible, how we can accept it, and how forgiveness is seen in the life of a Christian. When we begin to understand God's forgiveness we can experience a peace that passes understanding. Our lives are no longer clouded by fear and doubt but governed instead by a confidence in what God has done for us. Understanding God's forgiveness provides the basis for confident Christian living.

Suitable for Bible classes