Capture the Courage

$12.99 AuthorG. Scott Gleaves

A Study of Acts 1-12


We all admire people who have the courage to stand up for their faith, especially in the face of overwhelming opposition. The first 12 chapters of the book of Acts are full of exciting stories about some of the most courageous men and women in history. We read about the fearless preaching of Peter and John, the generosity of Barnabas, the kindness of Dorcas, and the martyrdom of Stephen. Despite tremendous persecution, these early Christians stood firm in their faith and set the church on a path that changed the world. But can you really have that kind of courage today? Yes! The same God who inspired and equipped these heroes of the faith is the God we serve today. By studying the lives of these early Christians, we can learn to stand strong against our own opponents of Christianity. In short, we can learn to Capture the Courageous. 126 pages
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