Conquering Your Giants: Overcoming Your Fears with Faith

$12.99 AuthorNancy Eichman

You can succeed even if afraid


Being afraid of some things is healthy. It's good to be afraid of a snarling dog or walking too close to the edge of a high cliff. But sometimes we allow our fears to overtake us. We allow threats, whether real or imagined, to grow to gigantic proportions. Those giants can paralyze us and keep us from living the life that God has planned for us. 

So how should we deal with our fears? Some people try to handle their problems alone. Many more rely on the latest self-help fad. But there is only one method that has stood the test of time--turning to advice from the one who made us, Jehovah God. 

God helped David face Goliath, Moses face Pharaoh, and Jesus face the cross. The same God has promised to help you face and conquer your fears. 

156 pages. 13 chapters. Softcover.
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