The Everlasting Gospel

$34.99 AuthorHugo McCord

New Testament with Genesis, Psalms, Proverbs and more


Hugo McCord gave his translation of the entire New Testament as a gift to Freed-Hardeman. This, the Fifth Edition, includes Psalms, Proverbs and Genesis. Also included are his insightful notes: "Is There a Perfect Translation?” etc. as well as his explanations of "church,” "baptism,” "repent,” "only begotten” and other words and phrases commonly used in other translations. - - It is also available in PDF format on a CD-ROM (see # 978000012245) - "Dr. Hugo McCord was for decades one of the most highly respected scholars in our brotherhood. He was respected both for his deep knowledge of the original text and his faithfulness in holding to and preaching its message.” Dr. Earl D. Edwards, Professor Emeritus, Bible Freed-Hardeman University