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A study of the heavenly beings


Angels! The very sound of the word thrills even the man on the street. It is a sentimental word. It is a word of endearment; it is a precious word. Perhaps no one Biblical word is used and cherished more! Yet, paradoxically, the users of this word know little or nothing about angels.

This book accomplished two things:
(1) a fantastic renewed interest in the Biblical study of angels, and
(2) the observation that bookstores are filled with books concerning the occult, the Satanic, the demonic with little or nothing concerning angels.

We must study and increase both our knowledge and utility of angels. Angels have been neglected too long. The purpose of this book is not to exhaust the subject but to provoke Biblical study and understanding. It is sane, scriptural, and simple.

Believe In Angels!

1. Exploding Old Wives' Tales
2. A Dossier On Angels
3. Angels In The Old Testament
4. Angels In The New Testament
5. Jesus Christ And Angels
6. Odds, Ends, And Other Things
7. The Milk In The Coconut
8. Problems, Problems, Have We Got Problems?!?!
9. Problems, Problems Continued
10. Grand Finale
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