All The Children

$8.00 $7.20 AuthorBessie Hardin Chenault

Inspiring life-changing stories


Having lived the joys and sorrows of foreign mission work, sister Chenault's desire is to share that world with young people, during a time when they are most impressionable.  She asked Christians in many different countries to send true stories of people -- children, in many cases - -and of their response to the Gospel of Jesus.  Then she compiled them into this beautiful book of true stories, designed for junior and intermediate-age children.  Teachers and parents, alike, will find All the Children to be an inspiring addition to Bible classes and to home devotionals.  If we want to lift up the hearts of our younger generation, to give them ideals and true purpose in life, we need to teach them the kind of commitment to God and love for fellow man that will be found in this boo
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