The Church & and The Home: Restoration and Renewal

$18.98 $10.00 AuthorDavid Lipe

59th Freed-Hardeman University Lectureship 1995


Israel of old left God and His ways; they died spiritually. God’s prophets called for the restoration and renewal of His people. That constituted both the need for them to be what He intended them to be and the need for them to be revived and made alive again. Our society, our homes, and the Lord’s church are under attack by Satan’s forces and now America suffers from the same need for restoration and renewal. The lessons in this book call for a return to the knowledge of God and moral living. Lessons on the church include chapters on writing Bible class curriculum, teaching specific groups, the life of the preacher, and evangelism. The home is built up with lessons on the family and parenting. General lessons for society include homosexuality, mental health, discipline, chemical dependency, and Satanism. 556 pages 
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