Sin and Salvation

$32.95 $29.66 SeriesMSOP Lectureship
AuthorBobby Liddell

38th MSOP Lectureship 2004

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Sin is man’s greatest problem; salvation is man’s greatest need. Each reader of this two-volume set will come away with a greater understanding of the horror of sin and a new/renewed love for salvation and the God Who provides it.

Volume One contains twenty-five chapters in three sections:


  • The Problem of Sin, God’s Solution, and Man’s Response In Order To Obtain Salvation
  • Important Questions About Sin and Salvation and Bible Answers To Them
  • Sin and Salvation And the Church of Christ

Volume Two adds 34 more chapters in these areas:


  • False Doctrines and Erroneous Ideas About Sin and Salvation Discussed and Answered
  • A Biblical Analysis of Specific Sins
  • How Can One Be Saved From Sin?
  • Sin and Salvation In View of Eternity
  • Women’s Classes

1292 total pages. Sold only as a set.